• Beef

    Beef Back Ribs
    lbs. 7.49 | kgs. 16.51 $

    They are trimmed off the outside of prime rib and consist of 7 rib bones with the feather and chine bones removed.

    Beef Bones
    lbs. $1.99 | kgs. $4.39 $

    Subject to Availability

    Beef Burger
    lbs. 6.99 $

    You'll love the taste and texture of the home-ground meat!

    Beef Cutlet
    lbs. 12.99 $

    Wafer thin melt-in-your-mouth beef cutlets.

    Beef Eye of Round
    lbs. 12.99 $

    A boneless roast that looks like tenderloin, but it is tougher. Used as a roast or cut into steaks.

    Beef Inside Round
    lbs. 12.99 $

    Works well for a weeknight schedule, cook to medium in less than an hour. Also, it's the summer barbecue option for roast beef.

    Beef Kafta
    lbs. 10.99 $

    The yummiest preparation mixture for ground beef EVER!

    Beef Kebbeh 6 Pcs
    lbs. 11.33 | kgs. 24.99 $

    It's a wonderful Lebanese dish that everyone will love.

    Beef Outside Flat
    lbs. 10.99 $

    Best suited for roasting, simmering, braising / stewing.

    Beef Philly Steak
    lbs. 11.99 $

    Steak that has been sliced for making stir-fry, which takes a little less time, but achieves the same results.

    Beef Makanek
    lbs. 9.99 $

    Tiny sausages that are redolent of lots of spices to our butcher’s discretion.

    Beef Shank w/Bone
    lbs. 4.99 | kgs. 11.00 $

    Love the marrow that melts into the juices. It makes great soup.

    Beef Shawarma
    lbs. 11.99 $

    Delight for all the senses!

    Beef Shawarma (Plain)
    lbs. 8.99 | kgs. 19.82 $

    You have your own marination recipe?

    Beef Short Rib
    lbs. 15.99 | kgs. 35.26 $

    Sometimes called plate ribs short and sweet. They come from the plate primal behind the forequarters and near the belly. Low and slow is the way to go.

    Beef Shoulder
    lbs. 6.99 | kgs. 15.41 $

    We recommend moist-cooking methods such as braising, which tenderizes the meat as it simmers slowly in liquid, which turns the beef into a flavorful, fork-tender dish.

    Beef Sirloin Tip
    lbs. 14.99 $

    One of the more than 29 beef cuts that qualify as lean. It's a solid muscle that has had the small "cap" muscle and all remaining outer fat removed.

    Beef Soujok
    lbs. 9.99 $

    Tiny sausages that are spicy without being hot; they are redolent of lots of spices to our butcher’s discretion.

    Beef Stew
    lbs. 7.99 $

    What could be more satisfying than a big bowl of hearty stew?

    Beef Strips for Stew
    lbs. 7.99 | kgs. 17.61 $

    Nothing is more satisfying than beef strips stew to greet family or friends at the end of the day.

    Beef Tenderloin
    lbs. 27.99 $

    Like its namesake, the Tenderloin is the most tender steak available.

    Beef Top Sirloin
    lbs. 13.99 $

    It’s not the most tender steak but it has a beautiful flavor. Best cooked Medium Rare or Medium.

    Boneless Beef Flank Steak
    lbs. 15.99 $

    Versatile cut with robust, beefy flavor ideal for virtually every cooking style and multiple menu applications.

    Boneless Beef NY Steak Thin Sliced Extra Lean
    lbs. 22.99 $

    Customers’ favorite for its great taste and tenderness.

    Boneless Beef Shank
    lbs. 8.99 | kgs. 19.82 $

    Great for crockpot cooking, and a great source of flavor for beef stocks.

    Boneless Beef Stir-Fry
    lbs. 7.99 | kgs. 17.61 $

    Busy days call for easy weeknight meals. Thin slices of beef sirloin are quickly stir-fried.

    Stuffed Roast Beef
    lbs. 7.99 | kgs. 17.62 $

    Serve up a spectacular centrepiece of roast beef with a rich stuffing.

    Breaded Beef Escalope
    lbs. 12.99 | kgs. 28.64 $

    Our all-time favorite meat item!

    Dry Aged Beef NY Steak
    lbs. 20.99 $

    The Striploin is cut from the short loin, a muscle that does very little work so is particularly tender.

    Dry Aged Beef Porter House Steak
    lbs. 17.99 | kgs. 39.67 $

    A T-Bone Steak and a Porterhouse Steak are essentially the same steak - The Porterhouse is simply a large T-Bone with a larger portion of Tenderloin Filet.

    Dry Aged Beef Steak - Rib Eye
    lbs. 24.99 $

    The classic Rib Steak is a gorgeous piece of beef. It’s the most flavorful cut.

    Dry Aged Bone in Beef Steak - Rib Eye
    lbs. 21.99 $

    Everything tastes better cooked on the bone.

    Dry Aged T-bone Steak
    lbs. 15.99 | kgs. 35.26 $

    The unequivocal king of steaks. It’s the best of both worlds offering the soft Tenderloin and the delicious Striploin separated by a magnificent bone.

    Extra Lean Ground Beef
    lbs. 11.99 $

    Extra lean is no more than 10% fat – perfect for dishes where you don’t need to pre-cook your beef.

    Kafta Burger
    lbs. 4.99 | kgs. 10.99 $

    The yummiest preparation mixture for ground beef for a burger!

    Kafta Rolls
    lbs. 11.99 | kgs. 26.44 $

    The yummiest preparation mixture for ground beef EVER!

    Kebbeh (Ajinet El Kebbeh)
    lbs. 12.99 $

    Shaped it into balls or patties. Bake, fry, or cook in broth.It is considered to be the national dish of many Middle-Eastern countries.

    Lean Ground Beef
    lbs. 7.99 $

    Lean is no more than 17% fat – you can do virtually anything with this type; use it as a healthier option to make your favorite dishes, it is a healthier option than regular, but still super tasty.

    Beef BBQ Skewers
    lbs. 16.99 $

    What's a summer grill without beef kebabs? Top sirloin chunks, seasoned with Lemon Pepper, or Montreal Spices, or our BBQ Blend.

    Marinated Beef Short Ribs
    lbs. 15.99 $

    Plate Ribs marintaed with our in-house BBQ Sauce

    Merguez Spicy Beef Makanek
    lbs. 9.99 | kgs. 22.03 $

    Tiny sausages that are spicy hot; they are redolent of lots of spices to our butcher’s discretion.

    Raw Kafta
    lbs. 12.99 $

    You can’t make a Lebanese feast, without Kafta as the centerpiece.

    Raw Kebbeh
    lbs. 12.99 $

    Kibbeh Nayeh is a beloved Lebanese dish made with raw meat.

    Regular Ground Beef
    lbs. 6.99 $

    Regular is no more than 30% fat – save this for when you want to be really indulgent. Perfect for dishes where you can brown the meat first before draining off excess fat, like meat sauce or tacos.

    Spicy Beef Soujok Burger
    lbs. 5.99 | kgs. 13.20 $

    A dry spicy meat made of ground beef specially seasoned and cured using old world recipes.

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